I will always put my PARENT HAT on !!!


mommy moppet space

Dear daughter,

If you were to come into the world singing this popular song, “you’ll be wrapped around my finger……”, it would only have been fair warning. Your cherubic face was capable of scheming, manipulating, twisting me around to get what you wanted. Before I could succumb to the maneuverings of a mind much sharper than I suspected – you looked at me pleading, and I picked you up for a cuddle. You smiled winsomely and everyone around applauded.

You made a tiny little whimper and mummy ran to check if you were wet, hungry or sleepy. What more could I have asked for? And as you grew up from a baby to a brat (wink), your power over me just kept on growing. Although I realized it’s awry and managed to restore the power balance, but sometimes I ended up totally under your thumb, not knowing how I got…

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